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Platinum Release Date of US

December 10, 2008

At Circuit City a few days ago(yesterday I think) Circuit City showed the us release date for the much anticipated Pokemon Platinum.  It showed that it would be released in March 22nd 2009, although this could change at anytime.

Also here are some news for Platinum in the US

Pluto the scientist will be called: Charon

The Police Officer Handsome will be called: Looker

Torn World will be called Distortion World.

Source : Serebii

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Siegetank Update: Team Galactic will also be changed into Team Galaxy.



August 27, 2008

The pokemon platinum is going to be a blast! Here are some pics.

This is where you catch giratina! Ew, its level 47 T.T

So, yea familiar?

How about now? Team galactic?


Hm,,,,,,,, I wonder wat this is….

Pokemon Platinum is going to be like emerald, being in a region from a game before with a few changes.