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Rumors about the dsi

January 15, 2009

There are rumors about the release date of the dsi. IGN, a game site mainly based on gaming news and cheats, has brought up some interesting things that probably will be in the DSI.

The nintendo dsi will exclude the gameboy catrige, but there will be a wi-fi Dsi shop, which like the Wii, lets you buy games. This is also better than the older wii since it lets you play the big catriges like pokemon blue and silver. A bad thing about the dsi is that the pal park system for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will no longer work.

It is rumored that it will hit the American stores on April 4 for $179.99

Bulbanews Quote, “IGN’s report comes from “multiple sources close to Nintendo.” Nintendo has not confirmed or denied the rumor.”

Sources: IGN Kotaku Bulbanews

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Renovation of the DS.

October 3, 2008

From the old plain bulky ds, to the new ds lite, they are now having a third change of a ds. This might be off topic, but it might bring some cool games later on that are about pokemon. 

Introducing the Nintendo DSi, basically a nintendo DS but it is smaller, lighter, bigger screens, and better speakers. It features two built-in 0.3 megapixel cameras, one on the bottom-right corner of the cover facing out and one on the hinge facing in, where the microphone is located on the DS Lite.

Another cool feature is that the DSi is also an mp3 player and can store music into it. And even all its media content will be stored on an SD memory card. It even comes with a web browser! Finally, you’ll be able to download software directly through an online Nintendo store. So it will be kinda like a Ipod touch with other softwares you can do such as games, camera, and other things that you will just love. The photo mode is also great with great image caption and will be like an actual camera. The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st this year at a price of 18,900 yen (or about $180), and will be released outside of Japan in 2009.


There is many fun features in the new DSi, such as the Niteru-Do feature were the DSi takes a picture of two people next to each other and tell you how much alike they look.

Another cool feature is that the DSi camera also lets you digitally manipulate the image of someone’s face using the touch pen. It also lets you combine or mold different faces together.

Bad Points

To make the handheld console thin, Nintendo took away the slot for Game Boy Advance games. No longer can GBA games be played on DS and DS games that use the GBA slot can’t be used on DSi but a new range of DSi-only games are likely to appear so this could make up for the difference.

Sources: Pokemon Dream, PC World

P.S. Also from the picture above, you cannot really see how thin the DSi looks like. Let me show you.

LOL yep its thin alright.

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