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An Interesting Prediction I encountered

May 27, 2009

Everyone is talking about either of five things: Pokemon Movie 12, 13, Explorers of the Sky, Platinum, or Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

What I wish to talk about today is about Pokemon Movie 13. Pokemon Movie 12 has not come out yet, but many videos are being made, predicting what will happen in Movie 13 (or it’s a fan-fiction).

The talk about Pokemon is currently focused on Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the new Pokemon games (remakes of Gold and Silver as they did with Red and Green).

As you know, Movie 12 is the last of the D/P/Pt trilogy.
I came upon a prediction that Pokemon Movie 13 is not based on the 5th Generation, but on Heart Gold and Soul Silver. After all, Ho-oh has not had its appearance in a movie yet.

Just an interesting prediction.

-The Power of Five