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New things

August 29, 2008

first for hippiefreak- the reason I’ve made you a author for now, is so I can put tags in your posts.

Also new things-banner:yea its sentret.

I will be posting about sentret tomorrow.

Also happy birthday to a friend who likes to call himselft V-Boy! (its kukushliev freak12)


Things I like to announce

August 22, 2008

This blog website is going to be about pokemon. Its mostly about the nintendo games but somethimes it may be about the cards, the anime, or the books. I will also make a tradition that many pokemon website have. The pokemon of the week. It will be about one pokemon (probably at random) and i will write about it every week. I will also make a banner of the pokemon. Which means this weeks pokemon is Absol. I didn’t choose absol at random ’cause its my favorite pokemon (tied to marill) Also if you like my header making you can just comment and I will make a header for you. Its free but I will probably do it only when I feel like it. :P Hopefully I will finish updating the stupid simple things first and finally make the pages and the pokedex and all that stuff. Until then, always carry pokeballs with you! -siegetank