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Mystery Dungeon 3

July 13, 2009

Pikes here again, and on, they said that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of the Sky will come out this fall! How exciting! I was thinking of getting the game with all of its new features. But what I’m really disappointed about is that girls can’t be Riolu unless they fake their gender. D= Aww! I wanted to be Riolu so bad!!! Oh well, which Pokemon would you want to be? Legendaries can also be used.


P.S. I’d be Lucario! =D


Even Further News on Explorers of the Sky

April 25, 2009


   How to change Giratina has been discovered, but it cannot be done in every dungeon. It appears in the new dungeons added to the game such as Wish Cave, Sky Summit, Zero Isle Central, Destiny Tower, Forgotten Woods, Devil Seas, Southeastern Archipelago & Blaze Cave, Giratina will transform into its Origin Forme. In Time and Darkness Dungeons, it will be in its Altered Form.
   Also, Gracidea Flower is a one-time use item. You have the ability to receive many more for free from a Shaymin in Shaymin Villiage.

   In Spinda’s Cafe, if you recycle:
3 Items, you receive Landslide Cave
6 Items, you receive Tiny Meadow
60 Items, you receive Oran Forest
100 Items, you receive End Lake
150 Items, you receive Zero Isle Central. 

   In further news, if you buy a drink from Spinda, there is a very low chance of something happening. This includes random Pokemon joining your team, obtaining an egg, or having a new dungeon to explore. The dungeons include Serenity River, Lush Prarie, Happy Outlook, Mt. Mistral, Lost Wilderness, and the dungeon everyone has been waiting for; Destiny Tower. 

   The Destiny Tower is a MASSIVE 99 Floor Dungeon. You cannot take ANY items and you can be only 1 (ONE) Pokemon. Your level is reduced (as always and obviously) to Level 1. Once you complete exploring the 99th floor, you are taken up to the very top, where the statue of Arceus awaits you. The statue has the following written on it; “Conquering time-space, making hearts as one”, and “Is this the legendary Pokemon that created everything, Arceus?”. You then receive the new item, the Time-Space Orb (gasp), which raises your attack and other stats to maximum.

   After a certain point in the game, Spinda’s Cafe will have missions, some of which will be Challenge Requests. These are Pokemon asking you to go to a certain dungeon and face them. If you defeat them, they will join your expedition teram. These special dungeons allow 9 items and 2 Pokemon and are unlocked when you reach certain ranks for your team. These go beyond Master Rank and go to:

 Master Rank * which Unlocks Forgotten Woods
Master Rank ** which Unlocks Devil Seas
Master Rank *** which Unlocks Southeastern Archipelago
Guild Master Rank which Unlocks Blaze Cave.

-The Power of Five


Extra Information on Explorers of the Sky

April 13, 2009

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of the Sky releases on Saturday.

  • Two new Special Episodes have been revealed to be within the game:
  1. The first is a mission featuring Team Charm (Medicham, Lopunny, and Gardevoir). This special episode features an insight into their past.
  2. The second special episode features the Sunflora from the Wigglytuff Guild. She is bestowed a mission which is finding a Haunter whom is being hunted down by the police.
  • Heading to Spinda Cafe after you have completed the game will take you to Shaymin’s Villiage where you meet a new team called Frontier which consists of Machoke, Breloom, and Mawile. When you get there, Shaymin escrots you to the Sky’s Summit dungeon. You can find the Sky Present, which is to be given to your friends at the guild. Full use is unknown.
  • Some preliminary details of the Arceus enhancements have been given as well. It takes place in a dungeon called Destiny’s Tower and involves the item Time-Space Orb.

-The Power of Five