Explorers of the Sky Starters and Partners

Pokemon                        Male                        Female
Bulbasaur                         Lonely                        Docile
Charmander                   Docile                          Brave
Squirtle                             Quirky                          Bold
Pikachu                            Brave                           Hasty
Vulpix                               N/A                             Relaxed
Eevee                                N/A                                Jolly
Chikorita                        Calm                              Quiet
Cyndaquil                     Timid                             Calm
Totodile                         Jolly                              Sassy
Phanphy                    Relaxed                            N/A
Treeko                           Quiet                            Hardy
Torchic                         Hardy                           Rash
Mudkip                         Rash                            Lonely
Skitty                            N/A                               Naive
Turtwig                       Bold                              Timid
Chimchar                  Naive                            Impish
Piplup                        Impish                          Quirky
Shinx                           Hasty                             N/A
Riolu                            Sassy                             N/A

As for your partner, you are given a choice of any partner that is not your own type. For example, if you are a Pikachu, your partner cannot be a Shinx.

-The Power of Five



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  3. i cant wait to be vulpix on explores of time!!!!
    i want evvee or skitty as my partner

  4. I’m really mad that they won’t let girls be Riolu or Shinx. I WANTED THOSE REALLY BADLY!!! D:<

    • Well, you can if you say you’re a boy. The only difference is you get blue borders instead of pink around the text boxes, and males have higher critical hit rates, while females have slightly higher evasiveness and accuracy rates.

      But yeah, Lucario and Luxray are awesome. =D

  5. lol

  6. are munchlax and machop gone? I always am pikachu, and my partner will be riolu.

  7. If I get an eevee my partner will be riolu if i get vulpix it will be shinx.

  8. WHAT!?! They won’t let girls be riolu or shinx!?! That sucks! I like shinx though! Hmph, I’m still even deciding what I want to be on sky…

  9. i know my favourite pokemon is ninetales and you have to be girl for ninetalesand can anyone help me choose pokemon partner and hero i restarted game so many times trying to find the best team eveh!!!!!

  10. i know my favourite pokemon is ninetales and you have to be girl for ninetalesand can anyone help me choose pokemon partner and hero i restarted game so many times trying to find the best team eveh!!!!!!!

    • i found that Vulpix and Shinx work very well together. try it. we were team FireShock. i have a new team, so you can use that name if you like.

  11. ive tried so many times to be sassy grrr

    • i can get sassy easelly it s not even funny

  12. just be a diffrent pokemon and choose vulpix as partner dummy

  13. in red i was eevee with cyndaquil partner, in darkness i was meowth and cyndaquil….and now, since i have started really liking riolus, i’m going to be eevee with a riolu partner!:3

  14. I’m a Lucario level 98 and my partner is a Charziard level 99 and my favorite other pokemon is the Dialga level 96 but I’m still training to be all level 100

  15. its stupid that you have to be a boy to gerb riolu


  17. its not fair!! i wanted shinx AND riolu, but oh no, both boys!! grrr! what is the best team? like what two pokemon look cool together, battle well and are the same size? plzzzzz answer!!

  18. I’ve always liked vulpix and riolu, yeah, it sucks that girls can’t be riolu, my team is Amber (vulpix) and Riley (riolu) and we rock together in Team FieryAura! (don’t steal my name!)

  19. i can get sassy really easy it is not even funny

  20. My explorers of darkness rock!I am Swampert lvl 65 and Infernape lvl 63 in team defeater(no stealing Thank Q :).my sky is charmander and piplup.i cant get to recruit manaphy and i feel like restarting
    i think i would go for me being riolu and my partner will be shinx,vulpix or treecko.
    if i can recruit treecko then i am going for shinx or vulpix but which 1 should i use?

  21. i like treeko but cant get him i ll chose treecko and vulipix witch suckes cuz vulipix could only be a girl but ill live

  22. i am a female riolu( glitch ) with an eevee pardner… hooray

  23. I’m always Skitty and my Partner is always Piplup (Mumble) Fantastic team.
    But I don’t know if it’s right to have that team in ‘explorers of sky’ if theres a vulpix waiting there.

    If i were to have Skitty and Vulpix I’d name her (Valerie) and team name (Destiny).

  24. The best team I ever had were vulpix and pikachu. They work so well together! In boss battles, we never lost. The only time we had trouble was in Dark Crater at the battle with Darkrai. Vulpix couldn’t do much because it was a fire type dungeon and pikachu had no effect in the battle because one of the bad guys kept absorbing it. A really good team would be vulpix as your Pokemon and a water type as a partner. Then the Dark Crater problem wouldn’t occur and every other boss battle would be a piece of cake.

    I just had eevee as my pokemon. It was the worst pokemon I ever had in this game. It only learned moves that lowered defense or something, so the only affective move I had was tackle. It was awful! I had turtwig as my partner, but turtwig wasn’t very good either. My recommendation is vulpix and any water type (mudkip recommended).

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