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August 21, 2008 *Grand Opening* -Pokemon of the week Absol.

Click for big.

Friday, August 29, ’08 -Pokemon of the week Sentret.

click for big

Wednesday, September 10, ’08 -My birthday

click for big

Saturday, September 13, ’08 -Pokemon of the Week Ariados

click for big

Friday, October 3, ’08 -Pokemon of the Week Pachirisu

click for big

Sunday, November 9, ’08 Photoshop Party Butterfree Banner

banner Click for Big (YAY photoshop Party)

Sunday, December 28, ’08 Happy Holiday Pikachu Banner

banner-christmasCan’t Click for Big xD

Thursday, January 14, ’09 Pokemon of the Week Vulpix


Unknown, Around February, ’09 Pokemon of the Week Latios and Latias


Sunday, March 29, ’09 Pokemon of the Week Cherrim (Sprouted)


Sunday, April 5, ’09 Poll Winner Arceus


Monday, April 13, ’09 Xiah/FinalFantasy’s Present



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  3. Kewl headers. Maybe you should make one with Lucario in it.

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