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November 2, 2010

Our Staff List as of 7/16/09

July 13, 2009

Siegetank: The Boss- he does everything to make the blog better little by little.  With hippiefreak12 these two don’t post that often.

Power of Five: Our regular post man. Count on him to know many things.  He is the fast and all-knowing of the blog.  2nd in command.

Hippiefreak: The blog’s regular note maker. Due to his clumsyness he was demoted for not posting tags.  He does not post that often, and when he does, please excuse his mistakes.

Pikes32: The cheerful new member of the Pokeblog who posts often, if not almost daily.

Note: Please excuse any use of improper grammar, spelling, or language.


Jirachi Giveaway

June 27, 2009

While, if you are waiting for the Pokemon game to come out right now, you will have to wait about 75 more days so they decided to give away a Jirachi, just for the heck of it I guess. From July 21 to August 28, Japanese stores will give away a Jirachi WITH Draco Meteor via Wi-fi or Nintendo Zone. While the Jirachi is given out, plushies of the Jirachi will also be sold for ¥980.

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



Australia gets hold of the key

May 27, 2009

Nobody exactly knew when the secret key would come out again after the event ended in japan after Platinum was released. Recently it has been announced that Australia’s Pokemon fans can get a hold of their favorite Rotom forms since the event was going to that town. This will not be a Wi-fi event but a local shopping store event taking place unlike others.

This will be the schedule

Carindale 27 & 28 June
Pacific Fair 4 & 5 July

Southland 9 & 10 July
Fountain Gate 11 & 12 July

Chatswood 18 & 19 July
Parramatta 25 & 26 July

Carousel 4 & 6 July

Marion 18 & 19 July

Sylvia Park 8 & 9 August

Sources: Serebii

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



Pictures of Heart Gold and Soul Silver

May 20, 2009

Some pictures have been leaked. Also a show about pokemon has brought a few news.

Serebii Quote

Pokémon Sunday has just aired in Japan and as some expected, it had another minor segment on Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver. Nothing was really revealed in this segment, just a reiteration of the CoroCoro details including a showing Ho-Oh, Lugia and a small clip at the Slowpoke Well. However, it did include two new pictures of Cyndaquil & Totodile on the selection screen….

News:  please forgive that we are not posting frequently. There is a lot of things due so far.

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



A new pokemon game?

May 5, 2009

A japanese website and a Tv program said that they’re going to make a “world-exclusive first announcement” in its Pokémon Game Arena segment on May 10. They were announced as new version of Gold and Silver or the sequels.

“It is also theorized that Junichi Masuda will appear on the show to make the announcement, since he did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related scoops”, Bulbanews 

Haven’t posted in a while~ School is tight right now! Updates soon!

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



Rotom Secret Key Giveaways, and Results for Banner Poll

April 6, 2009


While a glitch is the way to get Shaymin, Canadians are the lucky ones who get the key to Rotoms’ forms. Canada’s Toys R Us will be distributing these keys like how Europe did with Shaymin. It will take place April 19-26 via Mystery Gift.

According to Bulbapedia, “the Secret Key opens up a secret room at the Galactic Eterna Building, containing five appliances necessary for Rotom to change between its six forms.”

Rotom Secret Key

Source(s): Bulbanews

Finally the poll results for the next banner have been done and here are the poll answers.


Arceus clearly won, so Arceus will be the next banner.

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank