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September 20, 2009

Just one more battle until I get to challenge the Battle Arcade Star Dahlia in my Platinum game! :D WOO HOO!!! Sadly, I don’t have a camera to record this. So I will explain what happens:

-Her Pokemon are Burned.
-Dragonite used Flamethrower! A critical Hit!
-Foe Ludicolo used Waterfall! It’s not very effective…
-Dragonite used Ice Beam!
-Foe Ludicolo used Waterfall! It’s not very effective…
-Dragonite used Thunderbolt! Foe Ludicolo fainted! Foe sent out Medicham!
-Foe Medicham used Fake Out! Dragonite can’t flinch!
-Dragonite used Earthquake!
-Foe Medicham used Endure!
-Dragonite used Earthquake! Foe Medicham hung on! Foe Medicham is hurt by burn and fainted!
-Foe sent out Dusknoir! Dragonite used Earthquake!
-Foe Dusknoir used Trick Room!
-Foe Dusknoir used Will-o-Wisp! Dragonite was burnt!
-Dragonite used Flamethrower!
-Foe Dusknoir used Shadow Punch!
-Dragonite used Thunderbolt! Foe Dusknoir fainted! Pikes defeated Battle Star Dahlia!

:D WOO HOO!!! And that’s 1/5 that I’ve almost completed! Just 21 more battles and I’ll completely finish the Battle Arcade! Hope I can record it soon!

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit



September 7, 2009

Now I’m starting to go against the Battle Frontier in my Platinum game after not playing it for a while. It’s gonna be hard and risky, but also fun and exciting at the same time. Well, I’m gonna wait a little while for the Battle Hall since that one’s kind of boring. Now, I’m going against the Battle Arcade and I just need 7 more battles until I get to the Battle Arcade Star; Dahlia. Her team will be:

What I’m considering:

It depends though; can you enter Darkrai? And if not, what’s a good Ghost/Dark type I have? Unless I can use my Gardevoir…Hmm…

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit


Legendary Birds and Release Date

September 5, 2009

A new scan has come up on the Japanese imageboards, indicating the Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres will be placed in HG & SS. It does not say where they are or what level they will be at.

The Japanese version will come out on September 11th.  In North America and Europe, it is set to release in the Spring of 2010.

-Lugia, the Guardian of the Sea.