Numero Tres de Salamence

August 4, 2009

o-o Okay, I can’t really speak French, but I think that says “#3 of Salamence” THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Oh wait, yes it does! My Salamence just beat the Ghost type of the Battle Hall! :D Now, I just need to find 2 more types and then the most epic battle of ever besides the Champion! *_* Battling a Brain! A lot of Battle Videos are mostly those plus Colosseum (like mine!). But oh my gosh! I just got one where it has Riley (from Iron Island) in it! HOW CAN HE BE IN THE BATTLE TOWER?! Oh yeah, another one Japanese and my last one I think is from a kid from my class last year. o-o I don’t really know…

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit


  1. Isn’t that Spanish…?

  2. …Oh yeah, it is Spanish…

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