Salamence’s Turn: Part 2!

August 1, 2009

NOW, I just beat the Dragon type at the Battle Hall with my Salamence! =D But the last battle was hard! It was a Kingdra and sadly, Salamence was slower. T~T And I nearly got knocked out with only 45 HP left! Luckily, I survived and knocked it out with a Draco Meteor! Whew…Now that I got through that mine field, I gotta find 2 types and 9 battles of 1 type before PIKES VS. BATTLE ARCADE DIVA ARGENTA!!! It’s gonna be hard, but I’ll get through it! Yeah, and sadly, I don’t have video technology, so I’ll type it instead. (THE WHOLE BATTLE AND EVERY OTHER DETAIL!!!)

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit

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