August 1, 2009

Well, I’ve been thinking and wanted to know if I should get rid of Fly or Crunch for Salamence and teach it Flamethrower instead. So, I already got the TM from the Game Corner (2 rounds until I would of beat the 10 record. T_T) since I wasted it on my Charizard and now it doesn’t know it anymore. o-o Anyways, should I keep the same moves or should I get rid of it for Flamethrower or even Fire Fang. PLEASE HELP!

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit


  1. wuts your salamence’s moveset and what nature is it?

    • -Fly
      -Dragon Claw
      -Draco Meteor
      Lonely nature, Female, level 72 (for now)

  2. You should never have a 2 moves of the same type, i kept my dragon claw but draco meteor is the only special move you have so i dont know it looks good. but i have a special salamence so..hmmm. Does it really need fly? you waste a turn and if you miss then it stinks so yeah…get rid o f fly i think

    • Well, I have moves of the same type 2 times just in case I run out of PP (lol i feel so weird for saying that) for one. And I need fly to get around since I got rid of other HM’s and can’t get an HM slave unless it’s POWERFUL

  3. well i use my rayquaza to fly around and i got a bidoof or a exploud as my hm slave, a maril is good hm slave too. but yeah dragon claw has a power point of 15 i thinks thats enough

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