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Official HeartGold and SoulSilver Trailer

August 27, 2009

UPDATE: Here’s the second official trailer:

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t really been posting lately. I’m getting bored with my games and school just started, so yeah. But I found the official HeartGold and SoulSilver trailer and it looks pretty awesome.

It’s gonna be A LOT better than D/P/P, you know?

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit


Summer’s Close

August 25, 2009

Summer is nearing the end, and schools are starting, if not for some of us, have already started. The blog will become less active than it was in the summer, and for that we apologize.

Also, we are sorry for not posting very much for the last week or two; preparing for school was harder than it seemed.

Thank you.


New HG & SS Pictures

August 10, 2009


Further HG & SS News

August 10, 2009

   Kyogre and Groudon both well in a cave like Rayquaza, and like Rayquaza, they are found at level 50.

Apricorns can be converted into juice to boost your Pokemon’s Pokethlon stats. For those who do not know what the Pokethlon is, it is an Event. Pokemon physically compete in these challenges based off of new physical stats. They are as listed:

  • Hurdles
  • Ring Match
  • Snowball Fight
  • High Jump
  • Break Block
  • Change Relay
  • Push Circle

You can customize the areas within the Safari Zone. Moving areas for quicker access is easy access to certain areas if you’re looking for a particular Pokemon.

-Mew, The DNA Pokemon


Updates on HG & SS

August 10, 2009

   Apricons have returned. You now have the skill to grow them, and berries yourself portably in an item called the Berry Planter, using the SquirtBottle to grow them, stored inside another item called an Apricorn Case. This means the following balls have returned:

Fast Ball: Captures Pokemon that Flee
Friend Ball: Increases Happiness of Captured Pokemon
Heavy Ball: Captures Heavier Pokemon more successfully
Level Ball: Captures Pokemon of lower levels easier
Love Ball: Captures opposite gendered Pokemon easier
Lure Ball: Captures Pokemon caught with the Fishing Rod easier
Moon Ball: Captures Pokemon that evolve with the Moon Stone easier.

  • Kanto returns to HG & SS, and there is a new Battle Frontier style facility if you travel to the west of Olivine City.
  • The Bug Catching Contest will return, and for those who played this Gold and Silver before, allow me to remind you that it is where you find the best Bug Pokemon you can and capture it.
  • Rayquaza is later catchable at Level 50. It requires for Groudon and Kyogre to appear.
  • You will get a Mystery Egg from a subquest in HG & SS.
  • The Safari Zone lives on in Cianwood City.

-Mewtwo, The Clone Pokemon.



August 7, 2009

Finally! After some struggle, I have managed to beat my rival Orange in FireRed! =D Woo hoo! Now, I just have to get through Victory Road, train my Pokemon SUPER DUPER hard, raise my Dragonair in the Day Care until level 49 and voila!  PERFECT TEAM TO BEAT ELITE FOUR! Oh yeah, I probably should get a Grass type Pokemon in case something bad happens. And I might catch the Legendary birds later on since I’m a little short on money. o-o What? You don’t get that much money in FireRed! D: Sad, isn’t it?

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit

P.S. I’m on vacation! =D



August 5, 2009

Thanks to girfan (a person who works on my site) for helping me get the Mystery Gift and catching Darkrai! =D Oh yeah, the Member Card in Plaitnum is now out until early or mid September. You can get the download at Toys ‘R’ Us OR you can get it over Wi-Fi. How I got was with Wi-Fi. Anyways, how I caught Darkrai was hard. I just had patience and then unexpectedly used a Nest Ball. o-o They aren’t that weak! But anyways, my Venasaur had to take some damage sadly. ); Oh well! Rest assured that I’ll be able to have another awesome Pokemon on the team soon. (As soon as my Aggron’s level 100)

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit