July 27, 2009

What has happened since I last posted:

-Beat Giovanni in the Silph Co. Building
-Beat Sabrina
-Beat Koga AND HIS EVIL GYM!!!
-Got to Cinnabar
-Revived my Kabuto
-Got the Secret Key in the Pokemon Mansion
-Beat Blaine
-Got to One Island
-Talked to Celio and recieved the Meteorite
-Went to Two Island
-Found a concerned father in the Game Corner
-Traveled to Three Island
-Trained Dragonair with most of the Bikers on Three Island
-Beat Bikers gang and saved Lostelle from Hypno

-tries to catch breath- Whoo! A lot happened! So now, I’m gonna try and beat Giovanni’s gym so I can beat THE ELITE FOUR!!! (BUM BUM BUM!!!) o-o Well, I was really a chicken to do it the last time with my Charizard, so I’m kind of glad my brother’s friend STOLE it and played it ILLEGALLY!!! Luckily, my Growlithe’s close to learning Flamethrower; meaning ARCANINE CAN LEARN EXTREMESPEED!!! =D

Pikes steps out with 32 ways to exit

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