Salamence’s Turn: Revenge of the Charizard!

July 25, 2009

Sorry I haven’t really been posting lately! I’ve been trying to think of new Pokemon subjects to talk about that are really interesting and finally came up with one:

A few weeks ago, I tried beating the Battle Hall in my Platinum game with my Charizard, but lost due to a Dewgong (on Ice type). It was actually sad since I got so far. It would of been at least my 36th streak there and I needed 50 to battle the Brain there; Argenta. Now, I entered my Salamence and hopefully get farther than 36. It would be ironic if it was 32 since Pikes32… o-o Oh yeah, so I just beat the Psychic type (The last Pokemon was a Bronzong and was VERY hard), so here are the other types I’m suggesting to go against:


Well, I just need a very good item for Salamence in case of emergencies. It’s already holding a Dragon Fang, but I’m not so sure…


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