Another Trainee!

July 22, 2009

OKAY, so let me recap what’s happened so far in FireRed since the last time I posted:

-Beat the Fighting Dojo before beating Erika (deciding on Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan)
-Beat Erika’s Gym with Growlithe
-Decided to beat the Pokemon Tower so I could get it over with
-Conquered most of Routes 12-15
-Made it to Fuschia City
-Went to the Safari Zone

o-o What? I have nothing else to do! NOW, I have probably one of the strongest team members I have; Dratini! =D Dragonites are tough, so that’s why. So I basically need to train it A LOT for it to be at the same level as Blastoise, Pikachu or Growlithe. (I tried putting a Dragonair in my old FireRed in the Daycare; forgot to transfer it. o-o) HOPEFULLY, I CAN GET IT TO LEVEL UP EASILY!!!


One comment

  1. this is a cheat regarding pokemon emerald If you go onto route 129 to catch kyogre and you have used your master ball(s) then here is a cheat to catch him throw an ultra ball and a little bit after it passes over the pokemon battling kyogre hold a and b and it works almost as a master ball there is a 99% chance that it will catch kyogre that is the same with groudon on route 118

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