Pikes32’s FireRed Adventures!

July 17, 2009

Well, I restarted my FireRed; meaning that I have a new adventure to follow! Right now, I’m trying to beat the Nugget Bridge on Route 4 near Cerulean so I can train my Pikachu into being faster than Misty’s Pokemon. (Starmie’s REALLY annoying.) Now, I have a Pikachu and Wartortle. (Wartortle’s only 15 levels away into becoming a Blastoise! :O) Anyways, I’ll tell you what happens next on PIKES32’S FIRERED ADVENTURES!!! (Clever title, huh??? XD)




  1. Great title. Rofl
    Can’t your Wartortle beat Starmie?

    • -light bulb appears over head- OH YEAH! BITE!

  2. nugget bridge is nothing. thanks to siege’s leafgreen and its version-only sandshrew i can kill ANYTHING with dig and slash after misty

    • True that. I already beat it! :D o-o That was fast…But anyways, since I can’t get a Sandshrew, I’ll probably get a Diglett!

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