Mystery Dungeon 3

July 13, 2009

Pikes here again, and on pokemon.com, they said that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of the Sky will come out this fall! How exciting! I was thinking of getting the game with all of its new features. But what I’m really disappointed about is that girls can’t be Riolu unless they fake their gender. D= Aww! I wanted to be Riolu so bad!!! Oh well, which Pokemon would you want to be? Legendaries can also be used.


P.S. I’d be Lucario! =D

One comment

  1. Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

    I myself have been trying to solve the mystery of this legend for a while now. Could not understand much though.

    Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

    By the way, good writing style. I’d love to read more on similar topics

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