The Legend Catcher

May 30, 2009

We have another Legend Catcher!

Pikes here again! I had recently just caught Suicune in FireRed! :D To tell the truth, I can catch nearly every legendary Pokemon in video games without using Master Balls. That’s why I have a nickname; the Legend Catcher! Cool, ain’t it? Well, I also wanna say that my Charizard did most of the work to weaken it and I just used Wobbuefat with its ability Shadow Tag to do the rest. Thanks, Charizard. You’ve been a good friend through tough times. :)



  1. i have all legendaries that are not event ones. I used Colliseum for the three dogs

  2. Wait, ANOTHER Legend Catcher? Who’s the other?

  3. Everyone here is a Legend Catcher.
    (Pokemon Freaks) :)

  4. Ohhh. Makes sense!

  5. hey i cought mewtwo in leaf green with a poke ball

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