Do you have what it takes?

May 30, 2009

Do you have what it takes?
   It’s the Pokemon Video Game Championship Series!

Pokemon Trainers…
 Prepare for Battle!
  You’ve trained the best.
   You’ve battled the best.
    Now prove you’re the best!
     Do you have what it takes?
      Battle to be Crowned a World Champion at the Pokemon Video Game
       World Championships!

Entrants receive a special Shiny Milotic for entering.

What you need:


  • A North American copy of Pokemon Platinum Version for the Nintendo DS™
  • A team of legal Pokémon per the Tournament Regulations
  • A completed Team Information Sheet
  • A completed Consent & Release form
  • Proof of age
  • Registrants wishing to receive Shiny Milotic are encouraged to bring their own Nintendo DS. Shiny Milotic will only be distributed to tournament registrants, and only one Shiny Milotic will be available per person.

May 9 at Seattle, WA
May 16 at San Francisco, CA
May 23 at Phoenix, AZ
May 30 at Dallas, TX
June 6 at Philadelphia, PA
June 13 at Nashville, TN

June 27 at St. Louis, MO

World Championships:
August 14 at San Diego, CA (Invitation ONLY)

In addition to bragging rights, the two World Champions will win a trip for four to either Tokyo, New York, or Hawaii! 

-The Power of Five

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