New Pokemon Games

May 20, 2009

The official site has recently announced Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver.  All we know of it is that it’s a pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal remake (I bet you people that it will have a 3rd game soon enough). This is kind of special on the announcement because the release of information of these games mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Gold and Silver.  It’s also said that we might experience a new set of plot twists and new features that the we have never seen  before. Also, we don’t know if we can travel from Johto to Kanto.  This means that yay we can get the 3 beasts and 2 birds again! Sigh, I thought I only had them until now.

Heh i thought the Titles would be Duskgold and Dawnsilver guess i was wrong but FINALLY GOLD AND SILVER i could remember when i played this every single day when i was a kid.  Did you guys know that pokemon waterblue is trade marked?  Whatever im done for now more news later from the guys but until then…

This is

Yours Truly,

  Hippiefreak12 a proud hunter of legends



  1. I will let my kids know the great news.

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