Extra Information on Explorers of the Sky

April 13, 2009

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of the Sky releases on Saturday.

  • Two new Special Episodes have been revealed to be within the game:
  1. The first is a mission featuring Team Charm (Medicham, Lopunny, and Gardevoir). This special episode features an insight into their past.
  2. The second special episode features the Sunflora from the Wigglytuff Guild. She is bestowed a mission which is finding a Haunter whom is being hunted down by the police.
  • Heading to Spinda Cafe after you have completed the game will take you to Shaymin’s Villiage where you meet a new team called Frontier which consists of Machoke, Breloom, and Mawile. When you get there, Shaymin escrots you to the Sky’s Summit dungeon. You can find the Sky Present, which is to be given to your friends at the guild. Full use is unknown.
  • Some preliminary details of the Arceus enhancements have been given as well. It takes place in a dungeon called Destiny’s Tower and involves the item Time-Space Orb.

-The Power of Five

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