20,000 Hit Mark

March 28, 2009

To whoever may see this note: 
   Thank you all for visiting often. Our hits have gone up rapidly, and we have reached the 20,000 hit mark.
   What’s happening in the Pokemon World:

Pokemon Platinum has released;
Pokemon Movie 12: To the Conquering Space/Time or Towards the Overcome’s Time and Space trailers have released, confirming this will be the last of the D/P/P trilogy with Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus;
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of the Sky is soon to come out in Japan;
Many Pokemon Events occurring.
 P.S. Pokemon going pink to celebrate this hit mark with cherrim


Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



Yours Truly,
  Hippiefreak12 a proud hunter of legends



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