Hidden Changes

March 26, 2009

There are several changes that were found that were not shown to public but were found on the USA games. There were told by Editor that there were some,  but not as clearly so here it goes.  First of all, the two Rotom names were changed from Cut Form to Mow Form and from Spin Form to Fan Form. These do not affect the game and it will be hard to even get a key for the Platinum, or pretty much.. impossible for now. The Platinum Orb, the one that keeps Giratina in his original form, is changed to a Griseous Orb. 


My plan of Pokemon Covers lol Made really quickly in Photoshop.


Well, whats the point of the name Platinum now? Probably nothing. It should be Pokemon Griseous! Ah, nevermind… Going on, Battle Hall is Battle Stage and Battle Roulette is called Battle Arcade. The other two changes are the Battle Brains’ names and the Team Galatic Leader name.

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



  1. Why would you even change the names anyway?
    Give Japan some credit, greedy America.

  2. Americans wouldnt understand Japanese stuff like Platinum orb they need to change it to wierd stuff like griseous but like siege’s point why not rename the freakin game?

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