Pokemon Movie 12

March 8, 2009

Sources: The Official Pokemon Movie Site and Serebii

Many thousands of years ago, the world faced a crisis. Arceus stepped in at that time and saved the world, both the Human race and the Pokemon from a tackling meteor from Outer Space. During the process, it became severely injured and soon taken care of by a man named Damos. Feeling a sense of gratitude for the person who had nursed it, Arceus promised to help make the soil of Michiina rich and turn the land prosperous. It gave Damos the “Jewelled Orb of Life”. This orb, created by joining the 16 life forces within Arceus’ own body (one for each type such as with the plates), was to be returned to Arceus on a specific date, but Damos betrayed Arceus, perhaps due to his minion Gisshin whom holds Pokemon with devillish accessories, and did not return it. Arceus fell into a deep slumber after this event, but carried the rage of betrayal even to his slumber and vowed to judge mankind based on Damos’ actions when it awoke once more.

Thousands of years later, the descendant of Damos, a girl named Sheena, is protecting the ruins of Michiina with a man named Kevin, and has the duty to return the Jewelled Orb of Life to Arceus when it awoke. Ash, Brock, and Dawn soon arrive at the land of Michiina during their travels through Sinnoh and end up trapped in a water tornado. Sheena sees this and prays to Dialga who quickly appears and quells the tornado. Sheena takes Ash and companions to the ruins and explains the different dimensions that are inhabited by the Three (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina). Not very long after the discussion, the three dragon deities appear and continue their constant fighting. However, when the fighting gets out of hand, the ruins of Michiina are destroyed, and Arceus is awoken…





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  1. Great post, didn’t thought reading this was going to be so great when I saw the link!

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