Explorers of the Sky

February 14, 2009

Sources: serebii

The official site has updated today with the data released in CoroCoro…. The data states:

As expected, it confirms that this is the third version of the previous games, Darkness and Time, but includes many extras.

  • The story runs the same as the previous Dungeon games with you being a character who has turned into Poke
  • The main area is Treasure Town once again and contains same shops but has more added.
  • The game is set to feature OVER 490 Pokemon including Giratina and Shaymin forms!Two of the extra episodes have been revealed.

1. Genius Igglybuff
    This ep. has you play as the LEADER of the Wigglytuff Guild back when he was an Igglybuff. Teamed with his friends Smoochum, Wooper, and Bedew, we find the reason Igglybuff is an explorer.

2. In the Dark Future 
   This episode features the aftermath of the storyline. As Grovyle and Dusknoir vanished into the future, they encountered Dialga’s army. They have been sent out to eliminate Dusknoir for his failure. Grovyle and Dusknoir team up…

The official site has updated with the Arceus data and also stating the Johto starters and HEATRAN’S inclusion in the movie. Strangely, they are announcing these four Pokemon as new, giving all details for them but does not state how they are involved in the movie.




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