Rumors about the dsi

January 15, 2009

There are rumors about the release date of the dsi. IGN, a game site mainly based on gaming news and cheats, has brought up some interesting things that probably will be in the DSI.

The nintendo dsi will exclude the gameboy catrige, but there will be a wi-fi Dsi shop, which like the Wii, lets you buy games. This is also better than the older wii since it lets you play the big catriges like pokemon blue and silver. A bad thing about the dsi is that the pal park system for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will no longer work.

It is rumored that it will hit the American stores on April 4 for $179.99

Bulbanews Quote, “IGN’s report comes from “multiple sources close to Nintendo.” Nintendo has not confirmed or denied the rumor.”

Sources: IGN Kotaku Bulbanews

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



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  1. Falcon Punch!!!!!

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