3rd Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Confirmed?

January 15, 2009

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (3): Explorers of the Sky is the sequel to the previous games Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness which were sequels to Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue. Explorers of the Sky shows what happened to Grovyle the Thief after what happened in the last game (NO SPOILERS!). The Wigglytuff Guild also comes together and has you as some of the founding members of it outside of your Pokemon and your Partner. The full plot of the story has not yet been revealed nor how many areas or characters will return from the previous games. The game removes 2 of the starter Pokemon from previous games and adds the 5 more already revealed to you. It is also expected to feature Shaymin and its forms, as well as Giratina and Rotom forms. It is said to be released in the Spring of 2009 (Japan). It is said it may take place in CoroCoro.

*If pictures don’t appear or are replaced with a x, please refresh the page to view

Sources: Serebii



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