More of Giratina and the Sky Warrior

December 19, 2008

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This movie features both formes of Giratina and Shaymin as they struggle to fight off the evil Zero, who is trying to capture Giratina and take over the Reverse World.

Legendary Pokemon:

Shaymin, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Regigigas


Story: So just bascially, Shaymin is staring into the water when Dialga and Giratina start fighting. This dude with a video camera is amazed, and later helps Ash, Dawn, and Brock. Ash and his friends’ Pokemon are playing around when something falls and Shaymin appears, covered in dirt. Dawn washes the Shaymin, and they get friendly. Team Rocket try to steal Shaymin, but they’re not very important in this movie. Anyway, Ash and his friends (including  the video camera dude) walk… then they encounter some dark blob. Inside that blob shows Dialga and Palkia fighting. Suddenly, Giratina comes and attacks Dialga. (Palkia is gone! WTF?) Ash climbs up to see what is going on, and is knocked down by Giratina. Giratina disappears (into the Reverse World?) and Ash and his friends follow. Zero is spotted doing all this data-y stuff. Then Zero appears and attacks Ash’s group with a band of Magneton. Ash and his friends run away and find shelter in a weird cabin-looking place (maybe a Pokemon center). Shaymin surprises everyone by changing into its Sky Forme. The same band of Magneton attack the “Pokemon center”, but this time Ash and his friends succeed in driving them off. Zero is shown again doing some data-y stuff. Ash and his friends leave on a boat, and watch all the wonderful water Pokemon. Zero is shown once more, looking very pleased with himself. It appears he has spotted Giratina, but so has Ash’s group. Shaymin attacks Giratina, but it does not leave even a trace. Zero attacks Ash’s team and at last captures them. Shaymin is stolen away from Ash, and Magnemites tie them up. Shaymin somehow escapes, and Giratina angrily appears in its Origin form (WOOT). Giratina is CAPTURED by Zero. Zero runs away, but sooner or later Ash finds him. Shaymin tries to free Giratina, but it is futile. The cameraman guy apparently finds some loophole and is able to free Giratina. Giratina, however, is exhausted and falls into the water with a ‘splash!’  He gets onto dry land, but faints afterwards. Shaymin feeds Giratina its energy and Giratina is able to rise. Giratina attacks Zero, and it looks like Giratina runs away to the other world. It shows a little preview of Regigigas awakening, then goes to the main battle scene. Ash and his friends make their Pokemon to use ice beam and freeze the waterfall and water around them. Zero shoots Giratina and hits the iceberg. From inside out comes Regigigas and a hell lot of Mamoswines. Regigigas gets pissed and attacks the ice or something. Then after some events (sry I don’t know what happens between [it’s only like 1 minute]) Ash withdraws his Pokemon, but tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt. There is a huge explosion, and everyone is thrown off-guard. Shaymin (Sky Form) falls and Dawn picks him up. Giratina is shown flying and Zero seems to be gone. Regigigas opens some portal (to the Reverse World?) and who must come out but Ash and Pikachu flying on Giratina. Everyone is happy and the next day Shaymin makes the flowers become multiple Sky Form Shaymins. They fly around, and Ash cries as he watches them go.





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  1. I love it when Ash cries, it’s so sweet! <3

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