Movie Revealed?

December 12, 2008


As being the first “leak” of the movie, it shows a pichu, a pikachu, and pichama or Dawn’s piplup.

The different thing about this pichu, is that the ear of the pichu is spiked, unlike other pichus. The rumored Generation V Pokémon covered by a question mark graphic in the Dec. 4 feature about the 12th Pokémon movie is actually a Pichu with a spiked ear, according to a movie poster posted to a Japanese image board. So it was not a new pokemon, just a modified pichu. Serebii.net has also reported the name of the 12th movie is 「超克の時空へ」 Toward the Overcome’s Space-Time.  Bulbanews has tentatively chosen to translate the title as Toward Overcoming the Space-Time Void.  Serebii’s Title is more accurate but Bulbanews’  Title seems to make more sence.

Sources: Serebii and Bulbanews

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



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