More About us Three…

December 5, 2008

Well, right now I’m testing wordpress 2.7, and wordpress has really done a good job. Anyway, I was testing it out today. I decided to write a random post just too see the new shizzle. Lol. You guys probably don’t know alot about us three so I’ll tell you some stuff about us.

We are all boys (well thats an easy one) and we all like Pokemon. (of course -.-;;;) I have Leaf Green, Emerald, and Platinum, but Arceus (Editor) owns Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Fire Red, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and [Platinum, Ranger, Ranger 2, Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue, Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness] (secret emulation) xD so you can clearly see he is a die hard Pokemon fan. He also had an action replay for DS and GBA before selling it all; xD. Hippiefreak is one of my best friends that is also a die hard pokemon fan, but currently he has lost his Pearl (omg!) He owns every legendary and I hacked Arceus and Shaymin for him :D. He owns Pokemon XD, Emerald, and Pearl and is also hoping to get Platinum in the U.S. release. We all live really close to each other it takes me 1 minute on foot to go to Editor’s (Arceus) house and it takes me 7 minutes in car to go to hippie’s house. Well,,, I don’t really know what I’m talking about… so  

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank


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  1. Lol :P

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