New event for platinum

November 12, 2008

Thanks to Serebii net for details

Following the successful event for the rotom key otherwise known as the Secret Key, Nintendo  has given news of a second event for pokemon this time being the pokemon of darkness, Darkrai!

During December 1st 2008 to January 15th 2009, you will able to download the Member’s Pass to gain access to the house in Canalave City. You will go to sleep and awake in New Moon Island, head into the woods  to fight a 10 lvl stronger version of Darkrai- this time lvl 50 instead of 40.

Yours Truly,

  Hippiefreak12 a proud hunter of legends


  1. make pokemon platinum action replay codes download link

  2. http://PokesavPLA-ENG-PKMDB.exe go here sorry

  3. Where can i get the event?

  4. not confirmed

  5. Ypu get the event at Ice Island, just south of Fire island and north of thiscommentisalie Island

  6. I am a newb

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