More things about Platinum / Forms of Rotom

September 18, 2008

Also, if you didn’t know, Pokemon Platinum’s due date will be some time in the mid 2009s. The reason they couldn’t transfer things is that some things are only available in japan. Like the tickets for the regi-s are also probably not going to be in USA. People don’t know how to deal with it.

Anyways, now you are allowed to put your starters for a walk in Amity Square. Probably because they were your first pokemon, (unless you did some kind of wierd hack that made the game go crazy and give you a legendary for a starter) and have a “close” bond with you.

Also this park has become a lot bigger, having other items in pokeballs (or at least in the shapes of them) and also you get “teleportations” from those rock houses to other arenas.

Also many of you know as Hippie mentioned that there are forms of rotom and other many Poke info. Actually he didn’t mention them so clear. I just want to put the details on there.

First things first: How to get rotom’s forms. First you need the Special Key, which is a wifi event item which is still going on until november 4th. This is also a problem into other countries because you can’t say if they are going to make the same event again. Well, you know that big buildings with the odd spikes on the sides? Yea the Galactic Base. You go there into one of the rooms, and then use the Secret Key. The bookcase will flip open, and you can go in. When you do get in with rotom with you, there will be five machines that help humans.

First I’ll let you guys guess the machines. I’ll give you a hint:

*Picture taken in an actual japanese game store*

Guess them? No? Scrolled Down too fast? Ugh… so…. did you guess them by now?

Okay, so the answers are the fridge, washing machine, Fan, Microwave/Oven, and a Lawn Mower.

These “rotoms” have a specific move that you can learn from each one, but their types (such as water, fire, etc.) will not be changed.

These are the moves you can learn from the forms:

Frost Rotom: Ice- Blizzard

Wash Rotom: Water- Hydro Pump

Cut Rotom: Grass- Leaf Storm

Spin Rotom: Air- Air Slash

Heat Rotom: Fire- Overheat

These are the new forms, these pics are pretty comon I guess.

(pictures removed)

Here are some fan arts by the amazing fans. These are just the ones I think there the coolest.

By: Zaikudo.

By: Zaikudo

More fan art to come.

Until then, keep looking for zigzagoons!

Signed, Siegetank



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