Few pages going to come out.

September 3, 2008

So, Since the widget tab will be messy if I just keep writing ALL the pokemon sooner or later. So I’m going to remodel that by using text and html instead of using the pages widget. Also I will keep track of the pokemon of the week in a page that will be linked by the html.

Note: I may repeat the pokemon of the week, using the same page but different header.  Pokemon of the week is a random guess used by the randomiser. Which means if I get Absol again in Pokemon of the week I will be posting a new page about it because the old one has the different lay out.

Also, the walktroughs and hints /glitches or helps is still in process (managing) so please be patient and please keep coming to this blog.

Also, if you want a link trade just ask for it. It doesn’t have to be about pokemon, but it HAS appropriate. No, I don’t mind a few swear words or blood, but please it would have a more chance to be linked if it was things below 18 years of age.

Until then, keep searching for zigzagoons!

Signed Siegetank.

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