New pokemon games

August 29, 2008

There are ALOT of new kinds of pokemon games coming out.

So, most of the people know that pokemon platinum will be published in japan this september, but what about the other new game? Yes, there is one: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: legends awakened. This will be a expansion from pokemon diamond and pearl, no, not for nintendo (returds) for card games. I am not a fan of these “card games” but something that is really interesting came up: Levelx This is the only info I can come up with :

“…Powerful Legendary Pokémon like Regigigas and Heatran, more amazing Pokémon LV.X,…” -Pokemon.com

So what is this Levelx?  We still haven’t figured out.

The next game I would like to talk about is a not exactly a rpg but a little different: Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. This is the new game coming out in usa this november. That’s right THIS November.

Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia Box Art.jpgThis is the ranger cover, Altough I can see why Heatran, Cresselia, and Darkrai (in the shadows) are in the cover, I still don’t get the point of having a really depressing Lucario right next to the all mighty heatran. I mean what does Lucario do exept some dragon claw and superpower? I mean it could be something to do with the story but,,, why can’t they put it next to the pikachu then? Well, yea it won’t fit, but cmon, LUCARIO? T.T this is depressing : [
Yea this game was realeased along time ago in japan. March to be exact. So its finally coming to the us.

So the last question: where in the world is almia? Well, I did some research and this is all I can come up with.

Almia (アルミア地方), is the setting of the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Orre.

Ehh, so thats all? I’m dissapointed. Sigh, well see ya next time and look for the new banner tomorrow!


  1. PS hey freak12 how the heck did you turn all ur pokemon to level 100?

  2. elite four lol

  3. ,,,,,,,,,,

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